The explorers: THE BANKS Family 

We are leaving the uk to go and explore our dreams, 

WE are Taking a road trip starting in vancouver, through central america, and ending up costa rica, where we will start our new life.

About Us

Top Tips          

  • Read our tops tips on getting kids prepared  to explore
  • Planning for a big adventure                                                  
  • Preparing the house  and other stuff.....



  • Places to visit, things to do, food to eat, animals to see, and other stuff  - According to our kids!


  • Here we share: The Big Idea and how it all started, why we think following dreams is so important and the educational benefits for kids when exploring


  • Images of all things different 


Fellow Explorers.....

We are driven by passion and with a purpose to give the best education to our children, learning life lessons so they can be part of todays fast changing world,  building their confidence and self belief by exploring and discovering who they are and what makes them tick.  

There is a whole community driven by the same values and beliefs. 

Here's what they are up to

 our adventures