The decision to take on a big adventure was the easy part.

The real challenge is the planning and this takes time and commitment. We are a very social family (or were!) and life was already busy with the usual things family life brings - Kids school, homework activities, their social calendars. Then we have running of the home, looking after the pets, work and businesses oh and trying to stay fit and healthy with a little exercise after pub lunches and pints throughout the weekend! There wasn't really time to spare let along adding in the planning of up rooting the family. 

So first we had to be prepared to sacrifice something in order to make the time and yes  of course work was the obvious one...... but unfortunately not the one I was able to sacrifice.  So it was the socialising! 

There were many benefits to this, not only freeing up that very needed time but also stopped us spending money and we generally felt a lot better and more motivated with a clear head at the weekends to action our plans. (We are glad that our friends are understanding and accept our lack of phone calls and presence in social events over the past year)

For any trip planning is hugely valuable but essential if its a long trip or relocating. There were many areas of life that needed to be looked at - all those things I mentioned that kept us so busy now need to be addressed. 

My biggest concern was keeping some form of normal day to day life for the kids while all our  excitement (Mine mainly) and planning was taking place. The priorities have been them, ensuring they are doing their activities, seeing friends and homework and then fitting the other stuff around that.

Just at the sheer thought of all the organising we had to do was totally overwhelming but  the best way to tackle such a task is to start with lists. So I made lists, which I categorised and then made them into bigger lists which grew into bigger lists and so on. 

I scribbled, dumped, noted, pinned anything that popped into my head - even the middle of the night - waking up to write on the pad at the side of my bed. It was very consuming initially and at times I felt like I had a mental overload of thoughts of planning driving me mad.  But once those lists (Oh I love my lists now) were more or less prepared and we began to action them, it felt like we were actually starting this thing and I could stop the thinking and start doing.

The most important part about this was to get the kids used to the idea so my first thing on my list was 'Drumming Up Excitement of the Explorers'. Here's my top tips in how to do this.