Top Tips to getting children prepared for the trip

Drumming up Excitement

If you planning a road trip, big adventure or even a holiday, its important that the children feel part of the process and of course get excited about the trip ahead, especially if you are going for sometime. Long breaks, road trips and relocating can be scary and very daunting so you want them to get an idea of where they're going and what they'll be doing. 

Here's what worked for us:

1. Dream Board - Our large cork wall which we pinned beautiful images of where we're heading. 

Dream board was something I started in 2015 and we have loved it. A giant cork board or wall with images and post it notes of anything we want to do. We've been amazed just what we have managed to do because of it. Get one now! 

2. Know where we are going - we printed maps, drew our journey and pinned them to the board. 

3. Research - got the kids to research the places we will be visiting and made mood boards and presentations of:

Top 10 things to do, Food, Currency, Festivals, Seasons, Animals, Languages, cultural traditions etc.

4. Learn the language - loaded Duo lingo / Babbel to our devices and started learning spanish.

We've managed to make this a 20 minute morning ritual (everyday) when we first wake up with tea in bed and have found it was a great time for the kids to focus on it before being distracted my the day. 

5. Books, Films TV shows - we're doing them all -  anything that sounds, looks, smells spanish, 

6. Local Radio - Have a spanish speaking radio station playing on the laptop in the kitchen

Have been doing this since April 2017 and it still sounds like they are speaking at a ridiculous speed and I still can't hear any pauses between the words but I've been told its a great thing to do so I'm going with it in!  And whats more... with the belief that the sponge like brains of my children will be taking it all in and speak fluent spanish before we even depart!!. 

7. Local News App - Catch up on whats happening where you are going. 

Not necessarily exciting for you or the kids but great to practise the language and start to learn about whats happening where you're heading. 

8. TV - Watched any program that was showing our destinations. 

Luckily for us, Leviston Woods recently did 'Walking the Americas' TV series, visiting all the countries we are heading to. Kids loved watching this, although slightly nervous when Leviston talked about San Pedro being the most dangerous city on earth and them realising this was part of our journey! - getting them prepared yeah.

They're showing some signs of excitement and looks like they absorbing the idea and the language! - Watch this space - I'll let you know if any of it works!